About us

We are a qualified team of architects, urban planners and architectural journalists who guide you through Munich's contemporary architectural and urban development.

First-hand information and an in-depth and knowledge make the tours an informative experience for both professionals and interested lay people. Many years of experience and an extensive network also give us the possibility of exclusive access to special places and buildings.

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Claudia Neeser

Claudia has been Managing Director of ga-munich since 2014. With 18 years of professional experience as an architect, urban planner and specialist journalist in Munich, the Netherlands and Canada, Claudia is guiding in German & English.

Alessandra Speziali

Born in Italy, Alessandra studied Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and TU Munich. After working for different architecture firms, in 2019 she joined the ga-munich team. She performs tours in German, English, Spanish & Italian.

Katrin Winstel

After studying architecture at the Technical University of Munich, Katrin has ao worked at the Institut français d'architecture in Paris. Since 2003 she is part of the guiding architects munich team and guides in German & French.

Lilian van Wilpe Henneka

Lilian grew up in South America and studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich. After working in various architectural offices, she began to focus on architecture and art in Spanish, English & German.

Ricardo Gonçalves

Ricardo studied architecture in Portugal. Since 2013 he works in Munich as an architect. He teaches his expert knowledge in guided tours in German, English & Portuguese and appreciates the exchange with other people and colleagues.


Marc Schmailzl

Marc Schmailzl grew up in Berlin and studied architecture in Munich (TUM) and Shanghai (Tongji University). In addition to working in various architectural offices, he has been part of the ga-munich team since 2019 and leads in German & English.

Ayça Beygo

After studying architecture at the Istanbul University of Technology, Ayça earned her PHD at the LMU Munich and worked as a curator at the Architectural Museum of the TU Munich from 2014 to 2017. She guides in English, German & Turkish.

Claudia Fuchs

Claudia is a freelance architecture publicist. After studying architecture at the Technical University of Munich and working in architecture firms, she works as an editor and author, mainly for specialist journals such as Detail und Baumeister.

Other Guides

Dipl. Ing. Frank Kaltenbach

Dipl. Ing. Ursula Gonsior

Dr. Andrea Teuscher

Eva Deuring

Dipl. Ing. Signe Decker

Valérie Salgues