Munich´s Urban Extensions

The 13 kilometer tour starts near the Königsplatz. We drive north through Maxvorstadt and enjoy the evening flair of the lively student district. We pass the pubs in northern Altschwabing and head for the English Garden. The beer gardens at Kleinhesseloher See and the Chinese Tower invite us to take a short break. Passing the Monopteros and the Haus der Kunst with its "Golden Bar", we drive along the Eisbach wave towards the "Friedensengel" in the historic district of Haidhausen. This picturesque quarter has many shops, restaurants and bars. We cross the Isar at the Deutsche Museum and drive towards "Gärtnerplatz". The lively district with its street cafes and bars is one of the most popular meeting places for young and old. Our tour ends with a visit at the "Alten Utting", a discarded excursion steamer that has enriched the unconventional scene on site with gastronomy and culture.


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Brienner Straße

Haus der Kunst


Group tour

Eisbach wave

"Alte Utting"

münchen unterwegs