Architecture tours at ESO

In April 2018 ESO (European Southern Observatory) opened a spectacular and innovative planetarium and visitor centre, the "ESO Supernova" by Bernhardt und Partner. The planetarium is located adjacent to the ESO headquarters, itself an example of late expressionist design by Fehling and Gogel Architects, as well as the newly completed extension by Auer Weber Architects. All three buildings are unique architectural masterpieces, with the two newest buildings featuring innovative solutions to the problem of environmental sustainability. In a 1 - 1.5 hour guided tour experienced architects from Guiding Architects Munich will introduce these three buildings with their architectural diversity. I addition, the tour provides some insight into ESO as Europe's leading inter-governmental organisation in the area of astrophysics and the world's most prolific astronomical observatory.


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Article: "Manifestation of an Exploding Star" 



More infos about the work of ESO (European Southern Observatory) or the ESO Supernova